Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Garden Egg Chair by Peter Ghyczy, LA County, United States

Garden Egg Chair designed by Peter Ghyczy for Reuter Products, Germany, c. 1968. This is an original "fiberglass" example, NOT the molded plastic reissue and is very scarce in the US. Designed for both outdoor or indoor use, the chair resembles a giant egg when closed and opens up to create a cozy lounge chair. When closed the idea of the design was to allow it to left outdoors full time. With with the lid / seat back closed, it keeps water out.

This example is 100% all original, red lacquered fiberglass. The removable interior seat / back cushion is gone but replacement cushions are available by the maker of the current reissue egg chairs. You could just as easily use a couple of inexpensive outdoor cushions from a home store or even have a replica cushion pad made by a local upholster shop. Its a pretty simple design. Measures about 33"w by 29"d by 38"h (open)

Condition is quite nice for its age. Red finish is all original, bright and shiny with no fading. The body of the chair has several cuffs, nicks and gouges to the finish. While there is no significant damage to report, please keep in mind this is 40 years old, so if your looking for "new" condition, better move along and order a reissue (will run ya about $2000.00). Basically the wear areas are just cosmetic and you could touch them up if desired, but considering the iconic nature of the design, should really be left alone. It shows and displays well as it is with its true vintage character. There is a narrow pad base strip along the perimeter of the underside. It has considerable wear, but still functions fine.

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