Sunday, December 20, 2009

Beautiful Fireplace Home Design

Beautiful Fireplace Home Design
Beautiful Fireplace Home Design


Fireplace is a classic decoration element in Europe. But now, fireplace has become a popular decor for Asians.When a person enters a room with a fireplace, the person's eyes are almost always naturally drawn to the fireplace.

When it come to fireplace, the style of fireplace is paid more attention.Fireplaces come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. Some have large openings, others are designed to fit in a small area. The fireplace opening and choice of fireplace should match the room and the space that is avilable for it. A fireplace that is too large will overwlehm a room.

A fireplace mantle is one of the most important parts of a decorating scheme that includes a fireplace. The mantle is the area that surrounds the fireplace. There are many different styles and shapes of mantles. Mantels can be made or wood, stone, or another material. A mantle can simply surround the fireplace or a mantle can include a shelf on top. This can be used for other decorative items.

Since the mantle is one of the most visible parts of the fireplace decorating scheme (and also one of the most expensive), it makes sense to choose a mantle style that sets the tone for the room. A stone mantle can set a look of permanence and stregnth, while a wooden mantle and emphasize other features. Whatever mantle style you choose, you will likely need to set the rooms decor around this style.

Paint your fireplace mantel a bold color. Paint is an inexpensive way to update just about anything and fireplace decor is no exception. Experiment with different layers of colors if your mantel features different layers of trim work. You can also experiment with texturing such as using a sponge to create unique patterns in your mantle.

Candles are a staple when it comes to fireplace mantel d├ęcor, but by adding different colors and sizes you can spruce up your mantel. Placing a large candle at one end and several smaller candles at the other end will give your mantel some variety while maintaining balance. Using different shaped candles and adding a variety of color will also create a unique look.

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