Friday, November 6, 2009

Authentic Designs - Interior Designing

Authentic Designs - Interior Designing

Located a short achievement away from Sloane Square, and marked by a clew \"No 11\", Eleven Cadogan Gardens is an outspoken instrument to uniqueness when it comes to English hotels - understatement, an almost un-designed interior and an obvious hint of the Aristocratic. This is also design guru Philippe Stark's most favorite London destination for years.

This hotel displays a very authentic design that resounds for long in a European pitch. Apart from that the decor, surround coverings and accouterment give it a warmth and ease that makes you feel just at home. Once in your day will fade away in the elegant condition that is both dramatic and rich.

The rooms located in the back of the hotel have a nice view of the well manicured gardens. The walls have wood panels and display artist oil paintings. You can go up the oak wood steps to take a look at the many antiques showcased at this well decorated hotel. The lobby uses bold color on accouterment to give a theatrical touch to the interior d├ęcor.

This hotel started in late 19th century, when Lord Chelsea decided to build 4 mansions on his cricket ground near the royal palace. This later became London's first private townhouse hotel.

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