Friday, November 20, 2009

Celebrity HomeStyles: Giorgio Armani

Celebrity HomeStyles: Giorgio Armani

World famous designer Giorgio Armani escapes the hustle and bustle of the epicenter of fashion to his Caribbean sun-palace on Antigua. Perched on a rocky hillside, the cluster of buildings consist of a main home and numerous villas for guests. Adopting the architectural footprint from previous owners, Armani tweaked and embellished it in his low-key palette of deep browns, taupe's, and light natural colors. With painting-perfect views of the most beautiful sun-drenched waters in the world, he wanted to create a soothing backdrop inside for the drop-dead world seen through cavernous porches and terraces outside. Classic but smooth wide-slatted black shutters control the solarise and filter light inside gracious contemporary flat with vegetation peaked and planked ceilings. Parsons style tables, minimal but statement accessories, and bleached muslin paired with gray linen fabrics say cool in more ways than one.

Outdoor flat dominate the property, with numerous vegetation decks, walkways and stairs lead to clannish areas to take in the sun, a dip in the pool or settle in with a favorite book. Tropical horticulture provides the back bone in detail that isn't fancy or overdone. Comfy outdoor furniture that features deep seated chairs and plenty of pillows allows the couturier to relax in a temporary time-out from the demands of his orbicular business. Armani himself in his handsome signature black clothes and permanently-tanned European body is a man that knows international design and practices it in way that is never trend-driven, but timeless.
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