Thursday, November 12, 2009

Choosing Doors For Your New Home

Choosing Doors For Your New Home

Interior is an important part to making any house a home. Often, these nondescript entryways can transform the ambience of an entire room and give it a touch of class or playfulness, depending on the theme it creates. With that in mind, how do you pick doors for your home? Should the front door be of different design or material than interior doors? Should they match floors? To help you pick each door in your house, read on and learn some door tricks to turn it into a home.

Know your options. Although wood doors give you the most classic look, they're not your only option. Steel doors offer maximum energy-efficiency with its foam core insulation and weather-stripping. Fiberglass doors are another energy-efficient option you may want to consider.

Each door serves a purpose. Exterior entry doors, especially your front and back doors have to be thicker and stronger than any interior door. You want exterior entry doors to serve the dual purpose of security and aesthetics. You also want them sturdy enough to withstand battering from nature. Interior doors work more for privacy and space definition purposes.

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