Sunday, November 15, 2009

Choosing Window Treatments

Choosing Window Treatments
Why choose any? Esthetically, pane coverings not only soften or emphasize the architectural qualities of a pane and help pull your look together, they also add colour, texture, pattern and a feeling of warmth and intimacy to a room. Practically, they keep discover light, separate the shack from cold and heat, protect furniture and carpets from fading, and reduce noise.

The most essential aspect of your pane coverings is that they are well-made and perfectly finished.

In choosing pane coverings for your home or office there are many things to consider. Analyze your windows and make a list of all the answers to the mass questions.


What shape and size are your windows? Do they look likewise small?
Are your windows matching in a room?
What identify of molding surrounds the window?
Is there shack for stackbacks on either side?
Do the windows open? How?


What style will suit your window(s)?
What is your decorating style? (country, worn chic, classic, contemporary, eclectic, Asian, etc)
What colours do you want to use?
Do you want multiple layers? (blinds, valances, sheers, drapes)
What identify of fabric do you want to use? (velvet, linen, cotton, sheer, etc)
Choose a fabric and style that coordinates with the rest of your furnishings.

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