Saturday, November 7, 2009

Classic Living Room Decorating Ideas - Part 2

Classic Living Room Decorating Ideas - Part 2

If you've definite to decorate your living room in a classic or traditional style, this second part of our two part series will provide you with some wonderful tips and ideas...


Elegance and comfort are essential elements of the classic style living room. Choose a boxy-shaped sofa with comfortable, soft cushions covered in a longwearing woven stripe or damask. Team it with a selection of different way styles, covered in toning but different fabrics. This looks more natural than a matched suite, and you can pick up bargains to revamp. A chesterfield or chaise longue adds an authentic touch.

Glass-fronted cupboards are perfect for displaying favorite china or old books. Chests and trunks with upholstered tops - or draped with a shawl or intercommunicate - provide a multipurpose surface, and hidden storage space, too. Modern items such as the TV and stereo are best tucked away in built-in storage systems.

Look for diminutive decorative tables to hold lamps and collections of silver-framed photos; or buy inexpensive particleboard tables and disguise them with matched floor-length broadside cloths trimmed with deep fringing.

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