Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to Create a Warm, Inviting Traditional Look in Your Home

How to Create a Warm, Inviting Traditional Look in Your Home

Traditional style provides a homey refuge away from the bright lights and hard edges of the modern world, full of soft curves, lustrous wood and warmth that inform you of visits with Grandma. Never cutting-edge, never cold, but always classic.

The colours of a tralatitious room wrap you in a comforting hug. Shun extreme brights, darks and colours that could be considered contemporary (save your fuchsia throw for another room). And while you want bold contrast in a modern room, a tralatitious room calls for a uncreased melding of whatever colours you choose.

Cover your floor with tralatitious Iranian or Oriental rugs, or with more inexpensive but classic rug designs. They provide color and texture, and connect your floor to the overhead elements.While tralatitious reddened fixtures tend to use a lot of silk shades, GREENCulture offers wonderful alternatives that capture the same countenance without the cruelty. Use linen, cotton or render shades in white or ivory colours for a soft diffusion of reddened that complements your inviting interior. If it looks like a timeless design, it's a fit for your decor and will commonly exhibit graceful curves, careful attention to detail and is finished in brass, iron, or another metal that evokes ageless beauty.

Because the category of tralatitious furniture spans hundreds of years and styles, it can vary wildly in looks. Some tralatitious furniture is best used to attain a 'formal look' due to massive proportion and elaborate, rigid detail. This isn't appropriate for a 'traditional look.' What you're looking for is tralatitious furniture that is more comfortable, less ostentatious and has a more easygoing air. Aim for a curvilinear countenance in your tralatitious room. Ornamentation can include some reddened carvings, Stygian staining and low key upholstery.

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