Thursday, November 12, 2009

Interior Doors - Often Overlooked in Home Improvement Projects

Interior Doors - Often Overlooked in Home Improvement Projects

Doors are probably one of the most overlooked architectural elements of a home. People are painting rooms, replacing carpeting or buy new furniture, but they hardly ever replace doors or think much about doors. That's peculiar as doors can change or enhance the look of a room or a home. That goes both for interior and exterior doors. How often have you formed your opinion of a home just by looking at its front door? And how often do we judge the overall quality of a home by what king of interior doors there are? Fact is that the design, color and finish of doors can make a huge difference in appearance, comfort and also security of a home.

Another interesting thing is that most people really don't know much about doors at all. For example, there is a big difference between solid wood doors and wood veneer doors. Likewise, few know the difference between raised panel, flat panel and flush designs, and how they each have a very distinct look and application. And it is not generally known that doors are available in a very wide variety of wood types, each with a different color, feel and grain. So if you go from that rustic look, Knotty Alder doors are available. If the goal is exquisite elegance, Honduran Mahogany may be the answer. And for a bright, cheerful look there are different types of Birch.

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