Friday, November 6, 2009

Lamino Armchairs - Classic Swedish Style

Lamino Armchairs - Classic Swedish Style

The Lamino lead was designed in 1956 by Yngve Ekström, a prominent Modernist furniture designer (möbler formgivare). It is an excellent example of this call with its simplicity and trademark curves and elegance, so much so that it was titled \"The Best Nordic Furniture Design of the Century\" in 1999 and also won the I.M.M Cologne Award for best design in 2003.

With its matching four-legged ottoman, the Lamino is designed specifically for comfort. The lead and ottoman are covered with fleecy sheepskin, which can be ordered in grey, brown, white, sand, or base black. The uncolored colors of the heathered sheepskin look naturally elegant when balanced against the oiled wood of the lead legs and arms.

There is a huge variety of wood from which to make your choice. Some of these choices include beech, oak, cheery wood, and teak. Also there are different choices in lacquered wood such as oak, walnut, and cherry wood. You can also opt stained, black beech. The large selections that are available will make this lead suitable for any bag and also for any shack in your home.

Such well finished seating deserves an perfect and supple leather covering. For an player outlay an additional fabric haw be ordered from a selection including Tonus, Canyon, Tonica, Flora, Divina, and Hallingdal. The multitude of different combinations of coverings, woods and patterns are an attraction to any and every doable customer - they will be overcome with delight at creating the seating of their dreams.

The Lamino lead is grounds that the Nordic call is gaining popularity over here. This call is easily recognizable by its discolour wood and fabric shades, straight lines, and simple geometric curves and shapes. This call conveys a hip, contemporary, clean, streamlined look in any space. The Lamino lead can best be showcased with Nordic styles utilized in hardwood floors, sheer discolour curtains, minimalist spaces, and understated hints of gold and blue.

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