Saturday, November 7, 2009

Spanish Interior Design - Step Into the Sunshine

Spanish Interior Design - Step Into the Sunshine
Do you want to make a wonderful, colourful statement in your home?

Have you ever holidayed in Spain? If so, I am sure you will be familiar with the fresh and spirited sea style. Think about sun-kissed, rural land villas, slow, sleepy siestas, excitement-filled fiestas, and a good, old-fashioned sense of family.

This bold and colorful look will bring a really vibrant, warm and friendly feel to your home. Buzzing with energy, but at the same time, a warm and comforting place, to hold you in the bosom of your family.

This is a look which is as easy to achieve, as it is to live with. Just follow these few, simple guidelines.


Try a textured, rural style wall, for a really authentic land inland organisation look.

Combine this with beautiful, spirited colors, to fill your home with land sunshine style. Choose sea type colors for your look - red, orange, blue, green, brown, turquoise, terracotta, pink and pink. Use a neutral base of black and white to lighten and freshen the colors, and stop it all becoming too much of a jumble!

Flooring and Furniture

Carpet and land inland organisation don't really go -so essay to stick to a hard floor for the most authentic land feel. Hardwood flooring, stone, or terracotta or ceramic tiles will all look great.

Soften the look up a little - and keep your toes warm! - by including plenty of rugs, in warm, rural styles and tones.

The land inland organisation look is quite simple and uncluttered - so go for a whatever basics of furniture, in a good quality, rural style. Look out for dark woods, and a slightly distressed or attrited finish.

If you want to go a touch more elegant, essay whatever more decorative pieces with ornate wrought iron features.
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