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Bathrooms Design

Bathrooms Design

If you decided to start improvement of your bathroom, naturally there is a question, how to choose the recent and comfortable design of a room. Usually such plans include the selection of general style, articles of interior of bathrooms, as well as closing materials and lighting devices. In addition, you can plan the process of vaporisation and water-supply systems mounting. Planning of a shack is ever carried out in accordance with the customer’s desire.

Speaking about the design of a bathroom, it is impossible to forget such important detail as furniture. Now most often the interior of bathrooms includes the following objects: cupboards-columns, special dressers, cupboards with a bar and wall cupboards. There are also plenty of furnishings sets where cupboards are combined with mirrors. You can often find such names in price-lists as a mirror with a cupboard, a mirror cupboard, a mirror with two cupboards and a mirror shelf. It is saint for small space. MDF is considered to be the prizewinning material for furnishings in a bathroom. It is specially developed for over damped rooms.

As for a bath, it is doable to do with a classic one, or to choose a corner one, or modify to substitute a usual “bed” by a shower cabin. Anyway, usually the selection of shack interior depends on customer’s financial situation or size of a room.

Nowadays the most fashionable shack closing styles are considered to be classical, country, retro and ethnic ones. You would better leave shack improvement and selection of basic “architectural style” to the specialists from designer studios. Here we give only general recommendations.

Brutalism includes the use of one-color black, white or wear tiles. In this case the furnishings should be massive, with sharp forms, purposefully creating the feeling of rudeness. Horizontal lines from a natural pericarp prevail in Hellenic style furniture. Their colouration and picture should harmonize with tiles as much as possible. The use of marble table tops combined with light furnishings tones is considered to be the most popular in large rooms.

Country style helps to rest and relax better. It includes the use of woven furnishings from moisture grounds materials, and the colouration of tiles is usually different tints of naif or with a decorative pattern in the form of branches and leaves. The woven furnishings set and naif walls imitate an arbor and summer park round it. Light brown tiles and furnishings from a dark tree with the elements of screw-thread are considered to be characteristic features of retro style. A mirror in a simple wooden frame also helps to create the atmosphere of old times.

Ethnic style gives excellent quantity to consequence up your fantasy. It will help you to envisage yourself on a rocky island visiting mysterious native people. histrion and natural pericarp are basic materials at shack finishing. They are usually rudely trimmed, to give an impression of wild tribe art work. The colouration of tree and pericarp is usually natural, preferably of dark saturated tints of brown and grey.

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