Wednesday, November 4, 2009

iPod Classic Disappoints 3rd Party Repair Companies Now And Consumers Later

iPod Classic Disappoints 3rd Party Repair Companies Now And Consumers Later

The newly-released iPod artist has a earnest organisation flaw that very few people are aware of: the metallic silver backwards half has been re-designed to preclude it from existence removed. On early iPod models, like the previously-released 5th Generation Video iPod, one could separate the two halves using a do-it-yourself iPod battery replacement kit or, in a pinch, a metal screwdriver.

On the iPod classic, however, a series of small metal set hit been added to the design. These set surround all four sides of the interior of the iPod artist and, once the two halves of the contestant are pressed unitedly during assembly, the clips vow and that's it - the unit is sealed up like an Egyptian tomb. This makes it very challenging to replace an iPod artist battery.

With early iPods, if the LCD cracked, or the hard intend failed, or the battery stopped holding a charge, the average consumer could either perform the repair themselves or send it to a ordinal party iPod service company like to do it for them. Now that these newer models are existence designed with close-once-and-never-open-again cases, this drastically reduces the possibility that you module be able to repair your iPod on your own without having to vow Apple. And as most people know by know, iPods seem to fail or need service shortly after the warranty expires.

It module probably be a few months before this issue surfaces to the general public. It's quite likely that the saavy consumer module conclude that, in the long run, it may be meliorate to keep their senior model iPod up and running since they hit self-service options available for them instead of upgrading to newer iPod model that can never be repaired.

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