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Cork Flooring Care and Maintenance

Cork Flooring Care and Maintenance

Cork Flooring Care and Maintenance

Cork flooring is digit of the most easily maintainable wood flooring options on the market today. With simple monthly maintenance you can ready your cork floors looking same they were just installed yesterday. This article is designed to help civilize the cork flooring possessor on how to ready their cork floors in crowning class and looking as best as possible. As with any type of care you'll need to follow a peak monthly maintenance plan. So, let's get started on learning how to ready those cork floors of yours looking amazing and beautiful.

One of the first steps to ready cork flooring look its best is to preclude fading. As with any wood flooring option excessive sunlight can affect the color. Sunlight hitting your floors for a long period of time will result in color fading. A good way to preclude fading is to use some sort of window treatment, same curtains, blinds or even window tints. Not to mention window treatments will add a more unique look to the shack itself.

Now, if you cork flooring in the bathroom or kitchen you'll poverty to study adding breathable mats near any water source same sink, bath tub, etc. Try to avoid using rubber as it tends to hole moisture on the lowermost and help induce bacteria and modeling growth; yes, cork floors are rattling nonabsorptive to modeling and bacteria growth, but it's not 100% resistant. Also, any plants that are potted on story level should contain a water hole or drop pan underneath them. This will help catch any overflow from over watering your plants.

Major damage to cork flooring usually occurs when someone is moving furnishings around or adding newer furnishings to a room. metropolis floors are rattling durable, and this is because of the honeycomb cellular structure. Weight isn't what damages cork flooring, it's the dragging of the furnishings crossways your cork flooring g. Make trusty to always lift the furnishings when you move it, never drag it crossways the floor. You'll also poverty to add felt pads underneath every furnishings located on crowning of cork floors. This will preclude scruffs from minor movements and preclude the furnishings from moving every together.

You'll poverty to clean your cork floors at small erst a month. You'll poverty to use a mop that is damp, but not soaking wet. Make trusty the cleaner is PH balanced and not a harsh cleaner or oil based cleaner. Properly mix the solution via the cleaners' directions to preclude a build-up of film on your floors. Also sweep or vacuum the story prior to mopping to preclude issues of gauges cod to items existence dug in by the mop.
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