Monday, November 23, 2009

Laminate Flooring is Less Expensive Alternative to Hardwood

Laminate Flooring is Less Expensive Alternative to Hardwood

Everyone loves the look of hardwood flooring, but the simple truth is that many of us cannot afford to install it: especially in these tough economic times. If you are looking for a artefact to intend the look of hardwood without paying the steep prices, perhaps laminate flooring is a good choice for you. When you requirement to replace a kitchen floor, dining shack floor, living shack story and/or a few hallways, here are some reasons why laminate is a good idea.

It's Less Expensive

There's no doubt about it: using laminate instead of hardwood module save you tons of money. It costs less per unit plus it's much easier to install so you module also save substantially on labor costs. It is actually simple enough for the enterprising DIY, which module save even more! Laminate can be placed directly over vinyl, tile, or other non-carpet floors.

It is Durable

The surface of laminate is aerated with a hard-coat, so it is actually more scratch-resistant than most hardwood floors! It's a cinch to maintain since it cleans correct up with a dust mop and water, and most manufacturers offer a 10 year warranty.

It Adds Value to Your Home

Of course, nothing adds more value to your home than real hardwood floors. But laminate flooring is definitely desirable to carpet in terms of value, and many homeowners favour it to tile. It is hearty underfoot and module never crack or split like tile. If you requirement your house to hit more of an open feel and thus process its resale value, laminate can help you intend there.
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