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Furniture With Purpose - Amish Mission Furniture

Furniture With Purpose - Amish Mission Furniture

You're looking for a timeless and simple call to embellish your home, but don't necessarily want to tie into one design or vegetation color. You want simple lines but a nice variety of shapes and angles to add character to apiece of your rooms, and the answer is Mennonite Mission Furniture. This variation of Mennonite furnishings has a long story of beauty and capableness uncovering its origins during the mid 1800's, as part of the Arts and Crafts Movement era of furnishings design.

The idea behind the Arts and Crafts Movement lies in hand-crafted products being made with integrity to combine both utility and a simplistic style, all concepts which include the theories behind the Mennonite way of life. Mennonite vegetation craftsman easily adopted these skills at the time.

Each piece of Mennonite Mission Furniture is built 100% by hand, with apiece chair, bed and tables made with vegetation slats of only the highest quality and imperishable hardwoods same cherry, maple and oak. Each piece is chosen carefully to secure the most even coloring and texture, then hand sanded until smooth and ready to take some of the multiple stain colors of your choice.

One of the theories behind the name \"Mission\" furnishings lies in the idea that apiece piece of this uniquely handcrafted furnishings has a mission to serve in your home. Some of the types of Mennonite Mission Furniture include:

* Arts and Crafts: Considered to be the original Mission Style furniture, the simplistic call of this furnishings is characterized by a use of straight edges at the tops of the pieces and rounded edges at the bottom. Drawers and cabinets are straight in their angles with no real decoration other than their pewter handles, which is traditional for all Mission Furniture.
* Shaker: 90 degree angles and straight lines best characterize Shaker furniture, but these simple lines are enhanced by carved vegetation d├ęcor within the headboard or boxershorts of apiece piece.
* Royal Mission: One of the most nonfunctional styles within the set, beveling nonfunctional angles is utilised to create beautiful but imperishable pieces for your home.
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