Monday, January 4, 2010

The Best Extension Interior Design with Glass Wall

The Best Extension Interior Design with Glass Wall
It's important in creating a best contemporary home interior design to ensure that it doesn't just look good, but that it's practical and suits your needs, too. On this gallery, you can browse several advice about designing a contemporary interior design.
Modern building control insists upon glazing of a certain standard and specification, but it's worth paying for the best that you can afford, rather than sticking to the minimum. Ensure your extension is well insulated and that the glazing is capable of keeping heat in (in winter) and out (in summer)
If you can get planning permission to create a vaulted roof line, do so. It will look more interesting from the exterior, but from the inside, it can make a major impact - taking a room that's potentially low-ceiling and on the small side and transforming it into one that feels bright and spacious.
Flooring is the other important things, if you look carefully here, the flooring inside is exactly matched to that of outside in the garden. The effect? In a room with a lot of glazing, it visually extends the room within, making the space feel larger
If you are introducing a lot of glazing into your extension, you'll ideally want to keep the structure of the building as delicate as possible, so as not to divide your view. [channel4]

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