Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Exclusive Celebrity Home Interior Design

It’s a new year, which means maybe it’s time for a new home - let’s not forget the tax credit extension and the new move-up tax credit for existing homeowners (learn more about that here

Or maybe you’re thinking of doing a bit of remodeling?

Either way, everyone loves a little inspiration - from browsing the latest home design shows on HGTV, home design books & magazines or just perusing your local home improvement store.

And here’s some unique inspiration that will get the creative juices flowing of any home enthusiast - an exclusive peek inside celebrity homes from around the world courtesy of Architectural Digest, The Bible of Home Design.

This spread takes you inside such notable addresses as the LA apartment of pop legend Elton John, the Bel-Air home of actor Kelsey Grammer, fashion designer Donna Karan’s retreat in the British West Indies (pictured above), the Paris apartment of couturier Elie Saab (pictured below) and the Italian villa of the scion of the Salvatore Ferragamo fashion house.

Also featured are the homes of television director James Burrows (pictured at the top of this post), advertising extraordinaire Mary Wells and Emmy-winning actress Patricia Heaton (pictured below).

So get your pens and pads ready and take notes - no matter your budget, you’re likely to find many ideas you can replicate in your North Texas homes (ok, maybe on a slightly smaller scale).

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