Friday, January 8, 2010

Luxury home in Mexico by 7XA Arquitectura

house in el uro 1, modern architecture luxury house

Luxury house night view

Angel López and Carlos Ortiz of 7XA Arquitectura studio did a good job in creating a modern home on a 5,000 sq.m. plot in El Uro, México.

house in el uro 2,modern architecture , modern luxury house

Modern architecture and gardens

They aimed to bring the owners the best views to the Sierra Madre mountains and they succeeded.

house in el uro 3, modern interior design , modern architecture, modern design pool

Modern House view with the pool

The vast plot gives an opportunity for lavish planning and 7XA took advantage by designing the house in a cross shape.

contemporary architecture  house  in el uro 4 night view

mexican modern house night view

The house is articulated by a central space with a wooden cylinder in the middle, which serves as a guest bathroom.

modern architecture  house in el uro 5, modern design, modern interior, modern garden architecture

contemporary architecture white house with green garden

This space divides the house’s different areas: the more open ground floor that hosts social functions and the semi-closed and more intimate upper level with bedrooms facing the huge garden.

modern house  house in el uro ,living room interior design

modern dining room interior design

house in el uro 6, modern interior design , modern decoration, contemporary architecture

Dining room interior design

contemporary architecture  house in el uro stairs design

stairs interior design

house in el uro , bathroom interior design , modern interior design ,modern bathroom interior design

bathroom interior design

house in el uro, ultra modern house plans

Modern architecture plans

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