Saturday, January 2, 2010

Japanese style of interior Design

Say that Japanese culture is unique and unique, like no other - is not to say almost nothing. That is its otherness and mystique so attracted us.
To create, in its Japanese home interior, you need to understand the culture of this mysterious country, particular perception of the world, which is reflected in the construction of homes. To the East, including Japan, are characterized by Introvert, concentrating on the internal world and feelings. And because of this interior is almost always minimalistichen - and often lies in the philosophical sense. In other words, the spirit prevails over the material, but is expressed through it.
Only a few of the situation and a lot of free space - this is a classic Japanese interior. But every thing has its purpose - to create and maintain harmony in the house.

Japanese furniture draws its simplicity, ease and grace, and that is important - mobility. One of the main interior here - tatami mat made of straw. It is not too small - it is the traditional size of 2 square meters. m, a change usually 1 every 2 years. Well, if you put a mat on the futon - Japanese cotton mattress - it will be convenient and easy to bed, which can be easily removed at any time.

In a traditional Japanese house was always a focus, cushions for seating and low tables. Utensils and items stored in cabinets that can be embedded in the walls, and even under the floor, as well as special wall niches (Shiga-given). It is very common trunk were traveling and chests of drawers on wheels, cabinets, stairs, cupboards - all of these traditional Japanese Tansu furniture (the so-called furniture, appeared before the first half of XVII century., Ie the era of Edo). These furnishings were quite expensive, and decorated with hammering, varnishing, and made of precious wood. On finishing it was possible to determine the social situation of the owner, and was originally a furniture might be just to know.
Regarding materials, the favorite wood were hinoki and sugi, and solid rock cane. A chest of drawers and boxes for the most part, made of wood Kiri, because it absorbs moisture well.

Now particularly popular furniture made from antique wood, also known as oldwood, including teak, because it has an excellent margin of safety. It makes the tables, frames, benches, screens, and used in the decoration of tables, beds, chests of drawers, lamps, cabinets, shelves, etc.

Details and accessories
Areas of objects, details and lighting in the interior of the Japanese are very important.
For example, share the screen space to specific zones and decorate it in such a way Setting necessary accents. Cozy lacquered tables can be simultaneously and dining, and decorative, but all kinds of boxes, stands for the book will bring sophisticated charm to the interior of the house.
And of course, the institution - this dwarf trees (bonsai), ikebana, vases, dolls made of wood, bronze statues of saints, scrolls (kakemono), lighting, and elegant china.

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